We had the opportunity to have Famously Famous founder Taiwo Akinlolu share his journey of starting the growing streetwear brand. Youth has not stopped him from chasing his goals and he wants others like him to chase their dreams.

“Taiwo Akinlolu – that’s me, an average 15 year old boy from Manchester aiming to create a name for myself from scratch, from nothing, from the very beginning. But how am I trying to get there?

Fashion. Let me be real with you, although I was born into a heavily fashioned based family; my grandfather was a fashion designer who specialised in intricate and fine, hand embroidery and my mum is a tailor, sketching, creating and assembling unique and beautiful garments. Still, this didn’t mean that I was into fashion, I just really wasn’t that interested. I was about 8 years old, seeing my mum wake up super early in the morning, filling the kitching dining with an assortment of paper covered in mind maps, drawings, fabric, textures and pictures. As a child it was extremely intriguing. I was always asking her questions. I feel like that’s when my interested first sparked because she would always be so happy with the final result of the piece and just seeing the transition from idea to reality amazed me. However this was not enough for me to create a true passion for it until later on.

Eventually I was surrounded by art and creativity. I don’t know how, it just happened. My twin sister got into art and she would always be busy drawing, she drew some pretty cool stuff and I wanted to give it a shot also. So I started to draw but I was very bad at it, however I always found myself drawing the outline of clothing like, t shirts, pants, jackets shoes etc.
I developed a strong interest in apparel and how they were made. Youtube was the go-to place to learn about clothing whether it was branding, screen printing, labeling or anything else, I watched and learnt.

Instagram = inspiration, for real! I got exposed to hundreds of clothing brands, I saw ones I liked and ones I didn’t like. It was all a learning period, researching how the brands I liked got started, how they developed and grew an audience.

At this point I knew I wanted my own clothing brand, to show off my unique creative skills and ultimately create something I can look back at and be proud of.

After months and months of research and preparation, I came up with a concept and how I wanted to portray my brand. The name came after. How did I think of it? Well, I believe everyone has or wants to have something precious to hold on to, they want to create something they can be proud of. Something they can hold up high and feel like they’ve achieved something.They want to be known for their work. They want to ‘let the world know’ that they did it. I guess that’s all you need, a passion and a goal, in order to be Famously Famous.”

You can shop there latest drop online at FamouslyFamous.co.uk. Check out there Instagram @FamouslyFamous.