8bit Dragon Ball Z Now on the PC

Hyper Dragonball Z is the fighter we never asked for but we wanted. The free 8bit game is fan made and has the same loud colorful fighting of a retro arcade fighter. We had a lot of fun playing, the super combo’s keep you coming back for more. With 8 characters to choose from and with more to come this game will only get better.

Download Hyper Dragon Ball Z
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No need to install?

1. Extract the HyperDBZChamp.rar
2. Open the root folder where you extracted the HyperDBZChamp.rar
3. Run HyperDBZ.exe in the main game folder.

Additional information

You can map custom buttons by going to the Options Menu and then Button Config
Use Alt + Enter for fullscreen mode.
Check Hyper DBZ Movelist.html in main game folder for full movelist.