An undisputed heavyweight in the industry, A Bathing Ape have returned to set the bar high with a Spring/Summer 2018 collection for both ladies and gents. Unwavering in their ethos, BAPE maintain regular use of their signature camouflage and are going big with branding this year. Always on trend, their latest collection is no exception from the norm and has something for everyone this year.

The mens collection this year is undoubtedly bold, even by BAPE’s usual standards. Colour has never been something BAPE were scared to play with, and by surprisingly taking some inspiration from Kanye West’s ‘innovative’ frost (neon) yellow, it appears they were leaving nothing to the imagination this year. Fortunately, as is always with BAPE, they counteracted this controversial choice with a plethora of iterations of their fan-favourite camouflage; a mixture of coach jackets, shorts and my personal favourite in slides/sandals all were given the camouflage treatment. Sticking with their bold, defining styles, BAPE have also gone big with the shark hoodies this year, offering up PONR, tiger and a classic ape head iteration of the fan-favourite. Continuing from this with something else I’m definitely looking forward to seeing is the brand new shark hoodie face mask, featuring the obligatory toothy design and full-zip. Fortunately however, BAPE are renowned for their ability to dabble at both ends of the spectrum, and counteracting these lavish, outlandish styles are the more subtle pieces which I’m particularly excited for. Specifically grabbing my attention this year was the heavyweight grey hoodie, with the tartan-camouflage spell out branding and hood, and as well as this, the checked shirt and cropped trouser look is definitely on the marks from BAPE.

Luckily for the ladies, they were given a similar treatment this year. Clean, crisp outerwear such as utility jackets and lightweight trench coats were contrasted by colour-blocked waterproofs and a vibrant pink camouflage shell. Slightly more understated with the rest of their designs however, BAPE have kept on trend with releasing more stripes for 2018 and countering largely subtle pieces with small amounts of trademark flair. Offering up trousers, leggings, skirts, denim and shorts, BAPE as always have nailed the all important contrast between their esteemed flair and the all important ethos of ‘less is more’.

Keep your eyes peeled for more details on the full release soon.