Birmingham based label GVNMNT are back with a small Winter capsule to round off their year. Keeping it clean through a monochrome palette with fan-favourite olive green accents, I have no doubt that there is just about something for everyone in this collection.

Potentially missing out on the opportunity to push a more heavyweight jacket for the coming months, GVNMNT’s three lightweight choices are clean nonetheless, with the ripstop coach and new all-over ‘G’ branding being my personal favourite. Despite this, GVNMNT are still offering wintery essentials to compliment these thinner jackets in their initial beanie and mono scarf. As well as this GVNMNT have produced, as always, some staple tees; these include a simple graphic tee and 2017’s favourite striped tee. Sticking with their ‘for the people’ ethos, GVNMNT have produced a very reasonably priced collection here in 001. Tees and accessories average at around the £25 mark, and this stops at £60 for their most expensive jackets. Undoubtedly one of the most appealing aspects of their brand, GVNMNT are sticking to their roots and producing quality clothing for a reasonable price, something which is inarguably a nod toward their continued success.

Check out the more shots below and you can shop site GVNMNT.COM