HPC Trading Co FW17

Taking a step back and looking at the Heron Preston FW17 collection, it is easy to catch yourself pondering the romanticised notion of ‘the mad genius’. The collection “For you the world”, consist of his collaboration with the DSNY, and an extensive range of outerwear and accessories. Key pieces such as the tonal black hoodie with a print of the heron bird, underscored by HERON stencilled onto a orange background. Blue track pants with a red side stripe embroidered with СТИЛЬ (Cyrillic for ‘STYLE’), the blue World Tour t-shirt and the black Quick Release belt. The collection dropped on 20 May 2017, and pieces such as the black Quick Release belt has quickly become a constant feature in the tweets and feeds of cool kids.

If you are yet to cop anything from the ‘For You The World’ collection during the HP pop up tour. Do not worry, as the whole assemblage is available on the Heron Preston site.