Keep it Cozy with Maria Gulina 

Maria Gulina arrived on the scene with her SS 2016 collection. Focused on creating clothing for comfort and mood Maria Gulina has released an assemblage that is full of cozy fits. We caught up with Maria to talk about her journey, the current collection and the future of Maria Gulina.

What sparked your interest in fashion design ? 

When I was around 16, I would always cut up old clothes, and create new different pieces, I didn’t want to look the same as everybody else, I would wear crazy shades and head scarfs , my friends would laugh but it was whatever. I wanted to stand out.

It’s clear that oversized clothing is a core part of the MG aesthetic. Where does your love the oversized clothing come from?   

I would say I’m quite tom boyish and grew up wearing hand me downs. So thats where my love for oversized clothing comes from. I create clothing for mood, comfort and fun, you’ve gotta have fun right? But overall my goal is to create “Comfort Clothing”, like comfort food and oversized is the cosiest.

How did fashion school help develop MG? 

It didn’t really. I did a two year fashion course, which didn’t teach me much, because I was barely in class. But I learned the basics. What they taught us though, was how to work for big companies, and blend in and that just wasn’t my goals in life.
I always wanted to be my own boss, I don’t take well to rules and people telling me how and how not to do things. Im self taught all the way.

So how did MG really start? 

After leaving college I started a brand with some friends. Soon enough people started dropping out, moving away to uni and just not putting the work in. I realised then that friendship and business don’t really mix well and started managing things on my own. The brand started to grow more than when I had a team of people around me. I guess it’s because my vision became a lot more clearer. Realising that it was all very possible to do it alone, I decided to rebrand & thats when Maria Gulina really started.

What was your inspiration behind your logo, the devilish hearts? 

The Logo, for me is the best thing I have ever come up with. I grew up drawing hearts with horns in my note books in class. Im sure a lot of people did those. It’s a relatable logo.

What does the future look like for MG? 

Its been just over a year since I released my first collection in August 2016. At the moment, I’m no where near where I want to be, I’d say Im still building the foundation. But its definitely getting there, I can’t give away too much, but I have some big plans for 2018 that include; The biggest collection to date, parties and pop up shops.

There you have it! It’s early days for the young creative, although, it already looks like she’s here to stay. Premature statement, maybe, but each release has been wavy. Keeping her finger on the button, Gulina has shown consistency in her styling and cozy fits, while on the business side of things Gulina has shown aptitude. She has entered the British streetwear market with a strong focus unisex pieces, at a time when the streetwear market is transitioning away from its frat like culture. Maria Gulina has rooted her brand in very fertile ground.

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