Ken Rocks Hype Fueled Creations

“Ken R0ck” is the alias of New York based artist, illustrator and designer, Kenny Louras. His streetwear-centred pieces recreate hypebeast favourites such as Supreme, Nike and Bape, which have garnered the most attention. By having the pencil strokes as well as using water colours in his pieces you almost get an anime-styled feel to it, showcasing Ken R0ck’s style. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to find out more about the man behind the art:

Why did you start illustrating?
“It was a hobby that has turned into a money maker.”

How long have you been an illustrator & artist?
“10+ years designing experience.”

How would you define what you create?
“Streetwear fashion illustrations is what you see me post. But I create a lot more than what you see on my page.”

How do you pick what you’re going to draw next?
“I take subject Ideas from my followers / whatever cool.”

What is your favourite piece you have created?
“I cant say I have one specific favourite. They’re all my favourites.”

Outside of what we see on social media what else do you illustrate?
“My specialty is branding and apparel. People basically come to be to build their brand, whether it be marijuana dispensary, clothing brand, logistics company , there are no limitations to the type of business i can brand. I provide them with logos, websites, business cards/custom stationary, and basically anything and everything you would need.”

What opportunities would you like to come from your artwork?
“I would like one big opportunity to work for Nike or another big time apparel company. But mostly Nike.”

What are your passions outside of design?
“When designing wasn’t my business, I used to design for fun. Then it became a job. When I’m not  designing I’m playing basketball, I buy tons of clothes, I draw.”

Ideally what would you like to do with Nike?
“Ideally being with them would be ideal enough for me. T-shirt graphics, website banners, packaging, Anything printed, pattern making. I do it all plus a lot more.”

Is there anything you are looking forward to creating in the future?
“I wanna be part of a team that  creates something great.”

Instagram @KenR0ck  // Ken Rocks’ Portfolio

Source @KenR0ck