The Canadian rap renaissance brings us another gem in Not KLYDE. The Vancouver rapper first caught my ear with his track "W A I T 2 L I S T E N", the melodies and sounds kept me guessing and vibing. Before you know it the track ended and I found my self staring down the rabbit hole of Not Klyde's discography wondering what I will hear next. With a bulk of his tracks coming in 2017 he certainly is a 5 star freshman in the game. In an interview that leaves me wanting more, check out his thoughts on music, inspiration and the world of speed dating.

Imagine your speed dating, and you need to introduce yourself. What do you say?

I'd say "Hey! What's up. I'm not klyde. No, literally. Like, I'm not klyde. That's not my name I'm not sure why people keep calling me that but anyways, I love cinnamon toast crunch when it's just the right texture of soggy/crunchy. I love walking on the beach but only in the morning when the sand is still compressed, not loose and sneaking into my shoes.

I love deep talks but only at either 4am after staying up all night or 2pm after sleeping in. I love sleeping on the couch but only if the headrest is low enough to use as a pillow, the couch length is me and a head (so, ~6'1''), and the textile is leather. I also love food. Overall, nothing too specific."

Wow hahaha, thats very specific. Your name was the first thing that made me want to check you out. “Not KLYDE” what’s the origin?

I'm not klyde. That's literally not my name. I don't think people understand, I am Not Klyde.

Hahaha, what inspired your unique production and visual style?

Paraclete (s/o to Paraclete always), Tetragrammaton, and cultural influences like every "lil" and "yung" out there on streaming. Also, memes.

The "lil" & "yung" makes me guess your under 25. How does your home town effect your music? 

I'm 3900, and from Vancouvah Canaduh. Which, ultimately has almost no effect on my inspiration because no one big in music has come out of Vancouver, so the music scene is close-to non-existent here. These are only the inspo for what I do for Not Klyde because Not Klyde has a very specific mission that intentionally excludes all the old heads (sorry).

You get 1 week to create an album and can bring any 3 people alive with you into the studio, who do you pick and why?

Jonathan Ogden, Jeremy Riddle, and Trippie Redd. Jonathan Ogden just has such a vibe that I'd wanna have on the album. Like, it's really kinda far from NK but it's something i'd really want to happen. Like, him producing the whole album. Jeremy Riddle just has this dope voice and he's one of my favourite worship leaders so I think it'd be so sick to have his vocals throughout the album. Trippie redd just makes everything he touches so lit lol. He could do some "oo's" or hooks if he was down to go pg ha!

What genre would you put your music in?

Trap. My music is trap

“So Moses” & “Nauseous” I feel capture your laid back but bouncy sound, who does your production?

I mix and master my own vocals and any final cuts of songs released by me. In terms of beat production, I work with a whole roster of such talented people. To name a few, Fiero Formula, Rich Don, Moses Bones, Keso, Prettyboyron, and Luca Malaspina. All these guys have been with me since the beginning or near-beginning.

What are you working on musically, is there another project coming any time soon?

I have a Christmas tape that I'll be putting out late January, an undisclosed collab tape in February, a bunch of features with dope people, an undisclosed collab tape in the works, and maybe 3900 EPs in between. Idk I mean, I'm just out of my room and I don't have a team that my songs have to go through so I can basically just keep cranking out chunes haha.

Last question, how do you want fans to describe you when making a recommendation?

I want my fans to describe me as lit. New age type "new wave" tunes. Also, clean! I don't swear in any of my stuff; all my music stays away from explicit language and content, so you can bump me in your car with momma.

You can listen to Not KLYDE's latest tape Twisted Peppermint below and you can check out more dope tracks on all major platforms.