CJB, Jared & Eli make up Texas group PLM (Plug Life Music), and there bringing some heat on their debut project "Spirit & Sprite". Though young the group have shown me they have arrived, its just the music industry that needs to catch up and market these guys. Their infectious trap sound made of melodic vocals and bouncy high hats gets your body moving. You can hear their southern influences all over "Spirit & Sprite", the Zaytoven esque keys on "With Me" and the luxurious bling trap sound on "Hunnids". While still at the genesis of there career , I was lucky enough to interview PLM.

How did PLM meet and start making music?
We always knew each other. Me(Eli) and Jared are cousins; me, Jared and Chris have always been close. It was destined. God had a plan for us.

Do you remember the first track you made together, what was it?
Yes, lol. The first track we made together was “Who you rapping for?”

What was the journey like from "Who you rapping for?" to releasing "Spirit & Sprite?
It was a pretty tough journey. We had more downs than ups through those years but it made us stronger in a way. It has given us fuel to make Spirit & Sprite.

Who do we have to thank for producing the “Spirit & Sprite”?
There were lots of beat makers to make up the mixtape. But if you mean produced as in song structure, yeah we did all that. Parris Chariz helped out a bit on a few songs. After that we took off with it.

“Spirit & Sprite” feels like the perfect name for this project, how did you come up with the name and artwork?
2017 was a hard year for us. We actually came up with the name at Wing Supreme in OKC.

It’s good to hear you got through 2017. You guys showed a lot of potential with this project, what should we be expecting next?
New music already on the way

Probably the most interesting part of PLM is there faith, without compromising them selves they make undeniably dope tracks. Even the "Plug" from there name stands for “PoweringLivesUnderGod”. There aim is to reach the top of the game and tell people that it was "God who got us there". Listen to "Spirit & Sprite" below and get ready to bounce.