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SZA’s new album, ‘CRTL’ is due to hit the electronic shelves – because no one still buys physical copies of albums do they? SZA’s new project has been eagerly anticipated by her loyal fans since her last official project, ‘Z’, which was released back in 2014.

Fans that were starting to lose hope that her new album would never drop will be able to find some solace with the trailer that SZA has recently released for her upcoming album, as well as releasing an interactive website – a feature that we saw Childish Gambino adopt during his promotion of ‘Because The Internet’.

The trailer offers a behind-the-scene look at her during her time in and out the studio making ‘CRTL’ – which still has no release date – and has small audio clips from the upcoming album woven into it.

From the several sounds that populate the trailer, we can surmise that this new anticipated project will have quite an upbeat sound to it, compared to her ‘Z’ one.

SZA, a member of very talented music group, TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) already released ‘Drew Barrymore – a single from the album – last month and her album was expected to arrive soon after.

Nevertheless, the trailer should provide for us the hors d’oeuvre until the main course, ‘CRTL’ drops.

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