The Update – Meet NAE

Meet Noemie Wilson, an arts student who realised very early, that her work needed to breathe. Not in the enigmatic sense, often used by pretentious art and wine dealers. But in the literal sense. Drawing on her family background in dress making and her love for fine art. Noemie’s has arrived on the scene with NAE, a hybrid of streetwear and contemporary fashion. With cuts and silhouettes reminiscent of the shutting-shit-down style of the early 2000’s, NAE is definitely one brand for the future.We caught up with Noemie to talk about her recent SS17 collection.

Where does your interest in fashion stem from ?

Originally I wanted to be an artist, my passion is still drawing, as it is actually a big part of my design process. Overall I’d have to say that my interest in fashion design really started through a combination of Ugly Betty and my Aunts who are dressmakers

What about fashion design do you enjoy the most?

The process. Like you go from a concept, to a drawing, to pattern making then sewing the garment. It’s like you literally create something from nothing. Which is what I love.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

My favorite piece is probably the pink puffer, because it was the best piece I made in a collection before launching the brand.

The pink velvet puffer is reminiscent of the early 2000’s. Do you think the vintage trend is coming to an end?

I don’t think so, fashion works in cycles, so anything vintage will probably come back in style eventually. I think vintage clothing may become less of a trend and people will start to focus on contemporary brands much more. Really I hope a lot of the styles of the early 2000s will come back with a twist.

The fashion industry is very saturated. How does this influence your designs ?

Fashion is saturated but there is always room for new creatives who want to try it their own way. I think the fact the market is so saturated forces me to stay off other brands sites and look more at the ever changing, diverse world that we live in. What people are wearing, colours I see, shapes and silhouettes, my idols and people who’s sense in style I love.

My design process is very personal and I’m very hands on with how the clothes are made, so I hope this is something that makes the brand distinctive

Who are your idols ?

I have so many, I’d say I resonate with creative women who do things their own way and create beautiful pieces of art, whether this is Erykah Badu, Nina Simone, Frida Kahlo or Lauryn Hill. From young I’ve always been drawn to these kind of women and wanted to become one of these strong women in my own field.

Also Olivier Rousteing creative director at Balmain, he’s achieved so much at such a young age.

What type of people do you see wearing NAE?

I’d say it’s for people who are lovers of art. But primarily I want my clothing to make people feel beautiful, feel carefree and feel empowered. Across all ages and demographics, even those who hate fashion.

What is next for NAE ?

At the moment I’m working on the AW17 collection in time for September and the women’s collections as currently we have only released men’s. But ultimately, I just want the brand to continue to grow.

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